What does the pension lifetime allowance buy? - 27th April 2018

It is worth looking at what your pension pot could buy for your retirement. The importance of pension contributions has been bolstered by the rollout of auto-enrolment pension schemes. Howe...
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Taking the early view on ISAs - 27th April 2018

There are advantages to planning your ISA investments around the start of the tax year.  With ISAs all the taxation benefits occur after investment is made, yet the focus is o...
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A simple Spring Statement - 27th April 2018

The Chancellor’s Spring Statement on 13 March was, as promised, a low-key event.  Last autumn, Mr Hammond announced he would have only one ‘fiscal event’ each year – an autumn B...
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PRIIPS – the latest acronym for retail investors to learn - 2nd March 2018

New regulations are producing some strange figures in investor information documents.  There is a new acronym causing furrowed brows among investment managers, financial advisers and regu...
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HMRC counts the cost of tax reliefs - 2nd March 2018

HMRC has published its annual assessment of the cost of tax reliefs.       Every January HMRC publishes a table of ‘Estimated costs of principal tax reliefs’. Any Chancellor...
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Still time for year end pension contributions - 2nd March 2018

This is the time of year to review your pension contributions.     February and March are rightly popular times for reviewing and making pension contributions. By this stage ...
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The new Spring Statement replaces the Budget - 2nd March 2018

There will be no Spring Budget this March, but that does not mean the Chancellor is staying silent.  On 13 March, the Chancellor will present a Spring Statement to the House of Commons, ...
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Deadline approaching for using your ISA allowances - 2nd March 2018

This time of year, the personal finance pages start to fill with stories about ISAs, often including tales of ISA millionaires. For all the coverage, these remain a rare breed, but they serve as a r...
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Award success for RPG Wealth - 31st January 2018

RPG Wealth, are pleased to announce that we have for the second consecutive year, been awarded The Citywire, New Model Adviser of the Year Award – The North.   The New Model Adviser Awards ...
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A rewarding 2017 for shares - 31st January 2018

The world’s share markets were a profitable place to be in 2017.     2017 had its fair share of dramas. There was the unending reality show of Donald Trump and his tweets. On thi...
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The slow climb of US interest rates, a quarter percentage at a time… - 31st January 2018

The US central bank increased interest rates again in December.   While the Bank of England managed just one interest rate rise in 2017, to end the year at 0.5%, its counterpart in the US n...
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The next steps in automatic enrolment - 31st January 2018

The government has published a review on automatic enrolment in workplace pensions which makes important proposals for employers.   Automatic enrolment of employees in workplace pensions has ...
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HMRC v Airbnb – rent-a-room relief in the spotlight - 31st January 2018

An HMRC paper promised in the Budget could be bad news if you use Airbnb.   The government has set out a call for evidence relating to rent-a-room relief in response to the rise in short-term...
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The Scottish version of income tax unveiled - 31st January 2018

Last month saw another Budget – for Scotland, this time. The Scottish Budget in the middle of December contained potential omens for the whole of the UK with its proposed changes to income...
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Fancy your chances at 1 in 24,500…? - 22nd December 2017

National Savings & Investments have increased their interest rates – and boosted a chance of winning.  National Savings & Investments (NS&I) beat many of its banking compet...
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