Award success for RPG Wealth - 31st January 2018

RPG Wealth, are pleased to announce that we have for the second consecutive year, been awarded The Citywire, New Model Adviser of the Year Award – The North.   The New Model Adviser Awards ...
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A rewarding 2017 for shares - 31st January 2018

The world’s share markets were a profitable place to be in 2017.     2017 had its fair share of dramas. There was the unending reality show of Donald Trump and his tweets. On thi...
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The slow climb of US interest rates, a quarter percentage at a time… - 31st January 2018

The US central bank increased interest rates again in December.   While the Bank of England managed just one interest rate rise in 2017, to end the year at 0.5%, its counterpart in the US n...
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The next steps in automatic enrolment - 31st January 2018

The government has published a review on automatic enrolment in workplace pensions which makes important proposals for employers.   Automatic enrolment of employees in workplace pensions has ...
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HMRC v Airbnb – rent-a-room relief in the spotlight - 31st January 2018

An HMRC paper promised in the Budget could be bad news if you use Airbnb.   The government has set out a call for evidence relating to rent-a-room relief in response to the rise in short-term...
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The Scottish version of income tax unveiled - 31st January 2018

Last month saw another Budget – for Scotland, this time. The Scottish Budget in the middle of December contained potential omens for the whole of the UK with its proposed changes to income...
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Fancy your chances at 1 in 24,500…? - 22nd December 2017

National Savings & Investments have increased their interest rates – and boosted a chance of winning.  National Savings & Investments (NS&I) beat many of its banking compet...
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Venture capital schemes and the Budget - 22nd December 2017

The Autumn Budget included a raft of measures focused on venture capital schemes.  The writing was always on the wall after a Treasury consultation issued in August posed the leading ...
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The quiet NIC increases - 22nd December 2017

The first Budget of 2017 in March hit a serious obstacle when the Chancellor attempted to raise national insurance contributions (NICs) for the self-employed. This time around he was subtler in his ...
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The only way is up – after 3,773 days… - 22nd December 2017

November marked the first rise in the Bank of England Base Rate in over ten years.    Source: Bank of England  At the start of November, the Bank of England raised its base r...
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The buy-to-let Budget headline you didn’t see - 22nd December 2017

The Autumn Budget contained more bad news for many buy-to-let investors which went largely unnoticed. April 2018 will see the next step down in mortgage interest relief for investors in buy-...
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A different ending for Japan’s election gamble - 5th December 2017

Not all snap elections turn out the same way... A right of centre Prime Minister calls an election before the end of the government’s term to take advantage of rising poll numbers and seemi...
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What is MiFID II? - 5th December 2017

You will notice a whole host of changes to the financial information you receive and the format you receive it in from financial institutions and financial advisers from the 3rd of January 2018 onwa...
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Has your income risen by 14.3% over the past year? - 5th December 2017

Statistics show that dividends from UK shares are still rising rapidly.    Source: Capita Asset Services. Overall 2017e figure is Capita estimate  The latest quarterly ...
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A pensioners’ bonanza? - 5th December 2017

State pensions will rise by 3% next April, but it’s not all strictly good news. On the day that a CPI inflation rate of 3% was announced, the BBC website covering the rise had a picture of ...
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