Our service proposition offers a high degree of choice and flexibility to clients in how they can work with us taking into account financial status, the scope of advice provided and the level of ongoing management and reporting preferred.

Available to both individuals and to corporate clients, our service covers:

Wealth management

This service is designed for those clients who have already accumulated significant personal and/or business wealth and consequently have more complex financial circumstances and advice needs.

Our wealth management clients’ are likely to be retired, approaching retirement, a business owner, senior executive or qualified professional looking for expert professional help in achieving long-term financial security and independence.

Consulting service

Our consultancy service is to advise those individual and corporate clients who may not require a comprehensive wealth management service but who may need guidance and support specific to Pensions, Protection, Investments, Taxation, Trusts or Estate Planning.

Work is carried out on a project-by-project basis and those individual and corporate clients who are looking for a comprehensive service to cover all of the above would normally take advantage of our wealth management service.


Our transactional service is designed for those clients who do not require the need for wealth management or financial planning solutions but have identified themselves that they need to purchase a policy, such as Pension, investment or Life / Health Insurance.

The service helps client’s source the appropriate product to ensure that it is capable of fulfilling specific objectives. This is not a financial planning solution and is simply a service designed to acquire products on behalf of clients in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Clients that require an ongoing service to review and analyse product(s) we would recommend that the consulting service would be more appropriate than the transactional service RPG Wealth offers. This can be discussed with your financial adviser.

Expert advice. Personal touch.



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