Investment philosophy

The investment world is in a state of flux and strategies that have worked in the past may not do so in the future. The emphasis is now on maintaining our clients' capital at a sufficient level to meet future income and growth requirements, having fully assessed their tolerance to risk and the investment risks in the portfolios we are recommending, both of which will change over time.

As independent financial advisers we have a "top down" approach to portfolio construction, with tax-efficient, well-considered investment strategies and asset allocation being the focus of our advice.

We believe that our investment philosophy of concentrating on maintaining wealth will appeal to many clients in the uncertain times that we face. This is not simply another "risk rated" discretionary offering; but a philosophy and process that meets individual clients' needs.

Investment decisions are outsourced to third party specialists whose performance is reviewed on an ongoing basis by RPG Wealth’s investment committee.

N.B. The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invest.

Investment committee

Supporting our long-term approach to investment and philosophy of maintaining a client's wealth, RPG established its investment committee to monitor the day-to-day investment processes, including asset allocation and fund selection as well as having an oversight function that ensures that decisions and procedures adhere to the philosophical principles and meet compliance standards and best business practices. This independent "oversight" committee provides the "checks and balances" to the investment process.

Chaired by John Sangster and including Phillip Rees Owen & Anthony O'Connor the role and function of the committee is to research and evaluate the investment market, to review portfolios and funds focusing on risk versus return, whilst challenging the current portfolio/fund positions and recommending new strategies as required.

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